Our Statement of Faith

is set forth in these primary doctrines listed below, as an expression of what we believe as a church, as the basis upon which our faith rests.

  • One God  who manifests Himself in three distinct persons. Who are in complete unity and harmony with each other.— God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, which proceeded from the mouth of God, given to holy men of God to pen.
  • Man  is fallen in nature and apart from God’s divine intervention is spiritually and eternally separated from God. Man is in need of salvation. This salvation is only provided through God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is imparted by the Holy Spirit of God to those who whole heartedly receive Christ as their Savior. Upon doing so one can be saved, being born again. Becoming a child of God , being Heaven bound, and led by the Spirit of God.
  • God’s People  are those who have received Christ as Savior. Regardless of your nationality we are united by the Holy Spirit. We make up the body of Christ on earth. We are commissioned by God, to do His will, serve His purpose , and represent God here on earth until the church is taken away to Glory.
  • The Local Church  is the local gathering of God’s people in a centralized location. For the purpose of spiritual growth, education, and development.